용누오, 미디어엣지, 비너스옵틱스 마이크로 포서드 그룹 합류 소식

2008년 올림푸스와 파나소닉이 공동 발표하고 협력 중인 마이크로 포서드 시스템에 최근 3개사(용누오, 미디어엣지, 비너스옵틱스)가 지원을 선언하고 해당 표준을 준수하는 제품을 출시하게 될 것이라고 발표했다.

Press text:

Olympus Corporation and Panasonic Corporation jointly announced the Micro Four Thirds System standard in 2008 and have since been working together to promote the standard. We are pleased to announce that three more companies have recently declared their support for the Micro Four Thirds System standard and will be introducing products compliant with the standard.

​The following companies are joining the Micro Four Thirds System standard group: YONGNUO which develops, produces and sells digital camera switching lenses, performance lighting, video lighting, etc., MEDIAEDGE Corporation, which has been an advocate of video streaming and display system concepts for over 17 years, aiming to produce products that inspire customers, and Venus Optics, the company behind the development and production of LAOWA brand, which produces incredibly practical, cost-effective, and unique products. The possibilities unique to a joint standard are sure to push the enjoyment of imaging ever further.

​As the company responsible for initiating both the Four Thirds System and the Micro Four ThirdsSystem standards, Olympus will continue to develop and enhance the product line-up to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

regards “reflecting the beauty of the world and writing into a happy life” as the mission of the company. In the field of image in the information society, YONGNUO is a company that integrates the strength of all employees to develop and produce excellent products and make contributions to the society.

​About MEDIAEDGE Corporation
MEDIAEDGE Corporation has been involved in developing imaging systems for over 17 years, with -2 -a track record of sales to various industries and business categories, the support of many loyal customers, and a long history in Japan and around the world. With collaborative development of both software and hardware, the company continues to produce imaging systems that customers can feel safe and sound using.

​About Anhui ChangGeng Optics Technology Company Limited (Venus Optics)
Anhui ChangGeng Optics Technology Co., Ltd (Venus Optics) was established in 2013. With headquarters in China, we are a leading manufacturer of premium lenses, formed by a group of photography enthusiasts and industry experts. Our mission is to design and create our own portfolio of photographic lenses that are truly unique, practical and affordable.

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